Jennifer Anderson, MA

Chief Executive Officer

As a mother of two with over 15 years in the education field, Jennifer’s passion is to provide
opportunity for children. She recognizes that early intervention is the surest way to lay the
groundwork for future success. As a parent, she empathizes with other parents who struggle to do the best for their children while managing life as it comes and goes. The deepest fear every parent has is that they’re making an irreversible mistake that impacts their children. For this reason, she is committed to creating a boutique clinic with low BCBA to client ratio, innovative services, and accountability for all staff. Through this, she hopes to relieve some of the stress that other parents feel as they raise their special loved ones.


         7830 West Grand Parkway South, Suite 280

         Richmond, TX 77469 

        Phone: (281) 239-3934 

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