Music Therapy


Music Therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis

We all know how important music is to our mood and improving verbal behavior, and it’s no
different for individuals diagnosed with Autism. Whether it is belting out your favorite tune
while driving, or performing in front of others, music is a way of connecting with something
bigger than yourself. As such, music therapy is an added, free service that we provide for the

As part of developing verbal behavior, Texas Cares About Autism (TCA) invites a music
therapist, weekly, to work with the children. Music and speech training events are creative,
scientifically efficacious approaches to improving verbal behavior. It incorporates echoic
production (verbally repeating what another says) and tact production (labeling items in the
environment). Depending on the goal, musical instruments are displayed one at a time for
labeling or two options are provided, and the client is encouraged to select one of them. Music

Additionally, research shows that music activates multiple areas of the brain, increasing
communication between them and forming neuronal pathways that is essential for healthy
development. Additionally, lost speech functions can be recovered, in some cases. Music
therapy helps release endorphins which reduces anxiety, which young children may feel before

Children who tend to be uninterested or have a limited attention span tend to get very
interested with music! On days that the music therapist is not there, our clinic director, Daniel,
plays the guitar during circle time. Together, with other innovative approaches such as yoga,
TCA is consistently striving to reach your child and provide them every available opportunity for

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