Verbal Behavior Intervention

Learning Language

Verbal Behavior Intervention is the method of teaching communication to children who have not yet acquired language. It consists of four “contingencies”: Motivational Operation, Discriminating Stimulus, Response and Reinforcement. The last component, reinforcement is necessary to make certain the desired skill will be repeated.

Texas Cares About Autism uses Verbal Behavior Intervention to address functional skills, such as language/communication, self-help skills, play skills, social skills, and complying with instruction. Verbal behavior services consist of 2-4 hour sessions, 3 to 5 times weekly. Texas Cares About Autism applies several domains as verbal operants including:

  • Manding – this refers to your child’s ability to request items or activities

  • Tacting – this includes your child’s ability to label items they encounter in their everyday life

  • Motor Imitation – this skill is taught to assist children in acquiring gross motor and fine motor control

  • Echoics – this entails repeating sounds, words, or phrases in order to promote speech development

  • Intraverbals – this refers to the ability to answers questions, complete fill-in-the-blank statements or otherwise carry a conversation

  • Receptive Tasks – this skill refers to following instructions to perform a task 

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